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“IF only I had met my husband earlier I wouldn’t have so many issues getting pregnant. IF only I had quit smoking sooner I would have gotten pregnant sooner. IF only I had exercised more and ate better I would have gotten to experience motherhood sooner.

These are statements I make to myself all the time but, the reality is I cannot control what is already done. All I can do is change my path. I lost weight, starting eating gluten free, stopped smoking and prayed A LOT!

I began this last journey in September 2015 and started a 3 month treatment before beginning my prep cycle. In early December 2015 I began the prepping of my body for the transfer in January 2016. It seemed like a lifetime but, January finally came and I was ready … AGAIN! As I laid on the table with my husband by my side all I thought is I hope this works but, I am sure it won’t. I can’t help it after 5 years of trying and multiple failed attempts I have no faith! But I never gave up, even when my husband wanted to, I said no. I prayed to statues, I tried stones, yoga, diet, exercise, Reihki, prayers, crying, laughing and so so much more! FINALLY the day is here, it is pregnancy test time … Oh boy I know I feel different but, I am not sure what it means, OK let’s go see what happens!

Well the first pregnancy test was a success my Beta came back at 75 not to wait the dreaded 2 days and go back again. Test 2 day is here, oh no my Beta numbers didn’t double, well I knew this was a possibility so I am not going to say anything to my husband just yet. Come back in 2 more days I am told…Well pregnancy test 3 Beta came back at 152, still not doubling, OK i was prepared for the worst so I am ok with this possibility of this not sticking.

Pregnancy test #4 was 4 days later, the Beta came back at 489 which is great but it has been 4 days so who knows if that’s really good or not. The doctor says let me see you in 2 weeks…OMG what am I going to do with myself for the next 2 weeks?????

I finally told my husband by handing him a bag of pregnancy tests that were dated everyday for the past month! Of course he was shocked, he figured because I didn’t say anything it must not have worked. BUT IT DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Off to the doctor’s office 2 weeks later which would make us 6 weeks pregnant at this point, I hop up on the table that I had been on so many times before and looked at that dreaded ultrasound machine which was going to be my confirmation of success and as the probe entered me I froze, not knowing what to do except not move. I look at the doctor’s face and see shock! IT IS THERE and there is a yolk and sac!!! WHATTTTTTT???????? Doc turns up the volume and my husband starts laughing as we hear the heartbeat for the first time! OK see you in 2 weeks, the doctor said to me. OH NO another 2 week wait!!!

baby picture with testimonial

Baby picture with testimonial.

The day finally arrived, I am now officially 8 weeks pregnant and once again I hop up on the table and really prepare for the worst as I have no pregnancy symptoms at all. There goes that probe I had become all too friendly with over the years and WHAT? It is still there? HOLY COW we may just have success with this IVF! I was graduating to a regular OB and left the RE’s office not knowing what to say since I hadn’t seen a GYN in years since beginning this journey.

Well fast forward to today and I am a healthy 14 Weeks and 4 days pregnant at 42 years old and due 3 days before my 43rd birthday! We finally made an announcement and began to tell everyone who would listen that we are expecting. I am still nervous but that’s my mind playing tricks on me because for all the heartache and loss over the years I am still worried but officially I have nothing to be worried about!

So that’s my journey of only the past few months and I will end by saying this …. IF ONLY I had not found Dr. Browne, I may not be writing this today!!!!!”


My husband and I were patients of Dr. Levine and were lucky enough to get pregnant on our first round of injections last summer. Although he arrived twelve weeks early, our baby boy is here and thriving in the NICU. Thank you so much for everything! We are so blessed to have our baby boy! It’s been a difficult journey but I wouldn’t change a thing!


We can never thank them enough for all of the help and support they have given us on our journey to becoming a family.Without them our little miracle would never have been possible.They are all truly angels heaven sent.


Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help us get pregnant. They took a lot of the stress out of the situation and never gave up. We couldn’t be happier and we can’t wait to see them again for round 2 in the near future!

New Born Baby

Words can not express how grateful we are to you for making our dream come true!You and your staff were outstanding!Thank you


Dr. Browne is a gifted clinician with terrific clinical instinct. She goes the extra mile to understand the patient’s individual and complex case and takes the time to systematically correct the issues that may be leading to infertility. She is thoughtful and concerned and most importantly, she cares. There is nothing more important than having a doctor who cares. It is only because of Dr. Browne, who I call my baby angel, that my husband and I are expecting our first baby. I always felt safe in her hands and she is the only will see for baby #2!

Check out her ratings. doctor

I could not ask for a better doctor than Dr. Browne. Going through treatments is an extremely arduous process. Dr. Browne was there every step of the way. She was always positive, compassionate, and highly responsive. I would walk into every appointment with a list of questions and she patiently answered each one, never once rushing me, and always spending as much time with me as I needed.


Dr. Browne is unlike any doctor I’ve ever met before. She truly “gets it” when it comes to infertility—not just the technical aspect, but also the emotional component. I switched to her practice after a year spent with a well-known RE. The difference between the two was astounding. With Dr. Browne, my husband and I felt like we truly had a partner by our side. We had success twice under her guidance. When she called the first time to tell me the positive beta results, she had all of her staff stand around the speakerphone to deliver the good news—we screamed in excitement together. It was a wonderful experience both times. I absolutely, 150% recommend Dr. Browne.


My overall experience here has been friendly and caring. The staff have often gone above and beyond especially with insurance and prescription matters. So far, I would highly recommend this practice.


Being unable to conceive on our own, my husband and I reached out to Hudson Vally Fertility for help. It was a new experience to go to a fertility specialist, and we did not know what to expect. Dr. Levine and the staff made our experience special, they were so professional, caring – and over many months, many visits. They helped to provide support and continued determination for us to conceive a child. It was especially important for me to conceive since I was adopted and have no biological family of my own. Due to the loving care of those who cared for me (Dr. Levine, May Ann, Barbara), they gave me a place and an avenue to conceive my beautiful baby girl – and a biological family of my own! Hudson Valley Fertility brightened my world and ultimately changed my life. Thank you to everyone at Hudson Valley Fertility.

Shelly Hay

I’m sorry it’s taken us so long to get this to you, but as you can imagine, we’re a little busy. Gabriel and Caylee were born on January 2, 2013. Gabriel was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and 20″ long. Caylee was 5 lbs. 11 oz. and 19.5″ long; very healthy babies! I wish words could describe how incredibly grateful we are, but there simply aren’t enough. Dr. Levine, Barbara, Joan, Michelle, everyone, a thank you doesn’t seem nearly adequate! You were all so amazing and during the trying times you were such an amazing support system you helped me stay positive and to keep the faith.

There really not enough words to say how I feel about Dr. Levine (and his staff, too). I’d gone to see him after trying for two years to get pregnant. He talked to me about my feelings as well as my options. I can gratefully say that we are now the proud parents of twin boys. We always stop in to see them when we’re in the area, they’re like family. If you need a doctor, please, go see Dr. Levine, he really is the best.


I was a patient and Dr. Levine explained our treatment options is detail. Dr. Levine and his staff are very caring and compassionate.


Dr. Levine and his office staff are very honest workers and that’s very hard do find in the medical field! Everyone is highly respectful and they handle various situations in a timely manner! I have no complaints about this office!! Results are quick effective and accurate and I am excited to raise my baby! Thank you Dr. Levine and your office staff! I look forward to sending you referrals!


Hello – My name is Shanequa. On January 24, 2013, my spouse Elise and I had an IVF procedure done. I am currently 3 months pregnant with my very first child. For over 10 years, I had researched and studied IVF, but never went forward with it. In late 2011, I looked up Hudson Valley Fertility and researched Dr. Levine’s medical history. I was very impressed, so I scheduled an appointment. To my surprise, he did the consultation himself, rather than an associate like most other clinics. Dr. Levine has made me feel very comfortable from day one and has taken much care and concern in helping me. The staff there is great – Ms. Barbara, Jodie, and Melissa to name a few. I would refer Hudson Valley Fertility to anyone – without a doubt. I love and respect you guys so much.


Dr. Levine, his nurses and receptionists are very professional, respect your privacy and are always kind and courteous.


First off, I love Dr. Levine and I thank him for helping us create our first son, our miracle child. Now, we are onto number 2 and it’s becoming a struggle. Dr. Levine and his staff have been nothing but friendly. The nurses, Jodie, Barbara and Maryanne are very reassuring, friendly and knowledgeable. I always feel like I am getting exactly what I need to hear from them. Dr. Levine is great. He throws some humor into an otherwise difficult situation and is very case and point. I like the lack of sugar coating so I don’t get my hopes too high while also knowing there is a great chance of achieving pregnancy. Keep doing what you are doing; you make many people happy (including us!). Lastly, the front desk staff, they are second to none. They are always friendly and fit me right in when I need to come in.